Cibolo Valley Drive Expansion

This Cibolo Valley Drive Expansion project is a joint venture between the City of Schertz, the City of Cibolo, and Babcock Road 165, LTD, the developer of Cibolo Crossing. This project will expand the section of Cibolo Valley Drive from Old Wiederstein Road to IH35. Construction activities will begin on Monday, May 4, 2020, and this project is expected to take 365 calendar days to complete. The roadway will be widened to match the existing sections of Cibolo Valley Drive with a total of five lanes, two lanes each direction and a center turn lane. The contractor for the project is JR Sitework, Marion, Texas, and the process will begin with lane realignments to make room for the first section of new pavement. We ask that all who travel this area use caution as the new lane paths will be changed throughout the project. Included in this project will be the installation of four new traffic control signals, two at the IH35 access roads, one at Ripps-Kruesler and Cibolo Valley Drive, and one at Old Wiederstein Road and Cibolo Valley Drive. New underground stormwater drainage structures will be included in this project. Sidewalks will be installed along the west side of the Cibolo Valley Drive (side closest to the Lantana development and the Cibolo Crossing development) to connect the retail center to our existing sidewalks. 

  1. John Nowak, P.E.

    Phone: 210-619-1825

  2. Scott McClelland, P.E.

    Phone: 210-619-1822


update: May 15

Utilities have continued to relocate out of the way of the project.  Unfortunately, the rains did not allow the western half of the road construction to start as planned.  Very little road construction work has happened yet.  It is expected that more work will get under way next week with more favorable weather.

Update: May 8

The temporary paving has been completed.  Traffic control will change slightly on Monday.  Two-way traffic will be maintained.  The lanes will be shifted to the east side of the roadway and the temporary pavement.  This will allow the contractor to start work on the western half of the new street section.  This traffic control set up will be in place for approximately five (5) months.  The traffic control plan also includes a suggested reduced speed limit if 25 mph in the project area.  Please slow down, pay attention to the traffic control devices, and allow extra time for driving through the project area.

update: May 1

On Monday, May 4, the contractor will begin adding temporary pavement to the east side of Cibolo Valley Drive. Two-way traffic will be maintained and they will have traffic control set up. Above is a copy of the traffic control plan for the temporary pavement work. Utility companies will continue working on the relocation of facilities in the project area. The utility company work will not impact traffic.

UPDATE: April 28

Construction along Cibolo Valley Drive is expected to start on May 4. Prior to that residents may see some prep work starting in the area, but this work should not impact traffic. At this time erosion control measures have been installed and utility companies are working to prepare for construction. The contractor will also be mobilizing equipment to the project area this week.

The contractor will start the project with the addition of temporary pavement to the east side of the street.  This additional width will help keep traffic flowing more smoothly through the project area when the first half of the new street section is being constructed. Two-way traffic will be maintained during construction, and we urge residents to slow down, follow the traffic control devices, and allow extra time when driving through the project area. We appreciate everyone’s patience while we complete this necessary roadway improvement. Weekly updates will be provided on both the City of Schertz and Cibolo websites.