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Schertz Animal Services could not provide such outstanding care for our animals without the help of our volunteers. Providing love, care, and attention to the animals that come into the shelter every year is no small feat! Our Volunteers are involved in various aspects of the shelter – providing hands-on care and attention to the shelter animals, helping keep the shelter and kennels clean, participating in events, and many other essential activities.

Whether you’re part of a group looking for a one-time opportunity, looking for community service hours for high school or college, or a member of the community that can volunteer an hour here and there or regularly, we have a place for you at Schertz Animal Services. 

Volunteer Policy

Volunteers are welcome to come in and help Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. All volunteers must attend an orientation before volunteering at the shelter. Orientations are held on Saturdays at 1:00 p.m. and are limited to eight people.

Please note: The animals in our facility have many needs, and it is our responsibility to meet those needs while the animals are in our care. While socialization and playtime are important for the animals, it is not necessary for their basic care. Food, water, and the cleanliness of the facility are necessary for the health and well-being of the animals. Therefore, all volunteers must be willing to perform the duties around the shelter that are needed, before being allowed to socialize with the animals.

  • Volunteers need to be scheduled 24 hours in advance.
  • Volunteers must be 16 years and older with parent approval.
  • All volunteers must have an approved Volunteer Application prior to attending orientation.
  • All volunteers must sign in at the front desk upon arrival and have a shelter staff member initial the time worked at sign out. Staff will only sign off on hours worked that day, not hours from previous days.
  • All volunteers need to inquire as to what duties need to be performed at the time of sign-in.
  • All volunteers must wear close-toed shoes. No sandals or Crocs. Due to the probability of contact with cleaning chemicals and playful dogs and cats, pants are strongly recommended.
  • All bites or scratches that draw blood must be immediately reported to staff.
  • All animals in isolation, quarantine, and intake are strictly off-limits to all non-staff.
  •  Direct interaction with animals is allowed after obtaining staff’s permission. This must be done each time for each animal.
  •  Bathing, grooming, playing, or any interaction with animals is encouraged. However, please let a staff member know which animal you will be taking out. Not all animals are friendly.
    • If you bathe or groom an animal, please clean up afterward.
  •  Volunteers will show animals to the customers
  • Only oneanimal per play yard or play/adoption room at a time. This is for the safety of the animals and people.
    • Animals under six months of age are not permitted in play yards.
    •  All temperament testing or animal-to-animal contact will be conducted by ACO’s to ensure the safety of the public and animals.
    •  Please clean up urine and feces between animals. Cleaning up between animals will cut down on disease transmission. Volunteers are responsible for cleaning up any messes that the animal they are handling may make.
  • Any activity not involving animals, such as laundry, mopping, sweeping, taking out the garbage, etc. can be done without asking permission from the staff.
  • Please, no volunteers in the staff break area or ACO office.
  •  Animals are to remain in the building at all times.
    • Dogs are only allowed to be let into the play yard. Offsite walking is only allowed with permission from the staff.
  • Cats are to remain in the rooms in which they are housed. Do not take cats from one room into another.
  •  Please, do not feed the animals unless directed to by a member of the shelter staff. If you want to give treats to an animal, ask a staff member and they will give you treats. No more than three treats per animal.
  •  Please, do not touch an animal that is being handled by someone else without asking for and receiving permission to do so.
  •  Do not let your children play roughly with the animals. Please, pay attention at all times to your children and do not leave them unattended.
  • Do not put toys in the kennels, as this clogs the drains.

This policy is not all-inclusive. Staff reserves the right to add to this list if any other policies are found to be needed. Failure to follow these policies can result in you being asked to leave or your volunteer status being revoked. We enjoy the public being part of our facilities and bringing happiness to our animals. Adherence to these policies will allow for all of us to work together for the betterment of the animals and our community.

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