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October 2022 

Fires in the home account for 90% of fire-related deaths. Every second counts when responding to a fire. Today’s homes burn faster than ever. Your ability to get out of a home during a fire depends on the early warning from smoke alarms and advance planning. 

For this month’s 10 minutes to preparedness, we are partnering with the Schertz Fire Department to share fire safety tips and to encourage all residents, businesses, and organizations to create/practice their fire escape plans. 

Make a Plan!

  • At home, be sure to plan for all the needs of your family. 
    • Draw a map of your home, and show all doors and windows. 
    • Visit each room and plan 2 ways out.
    • Pick a meeting place outside that everyone will meet at when they get out of the house.

Practice the Plan! 

  • Make sure everyone in the household understands the plan.
    • Walk through the plan to make sure everyone knows what to do.
    • Practice the drill.
      • Two times a year, practice the drill. Make sure you do one during the day and one at night. 
      • Have everyone start in their bedroom and then sound a smoke alarm to start the drill.

Check Your Home for Fire Safety Opportunities!

  • Test smoke alarms monthly. Change batteries twice a year. Replace smoke alarms every 10 years, or as indicated by the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Never leave cooking unattended or pour water on a grease fire!
  • Learn how to use your fire extinguisher before there is an emergency.
  • Install smoke alarms on each level of your home and in every sleeping area.
  • Never overload plugs. In the case of a plug being overloaded, you may see lights dimming when an appliance turns on, shrinking tv pictures, or fuses blowing frequently. Check for damaged cords and loose wall receptacles.
  • Clean the lint screen between each load of clothes in the dryer and never put plastic, rubber, or foam in your dryer. Dryers must vent to the outside and be plugged into their own outlet.

Each of these actions will make a difference in your family’s ability to be prepared for and respond to a fire in the home. The most important part is making sure you have the plan, that everyone in the household knows what it is, and that you practice it regularly. The 10 minutes to preparedness can make a difference and allow everyone to make it out safely in the event of a fire.

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