With duty and honor, protect all we serve with an emergency service that promotes public education and prevention; emphasizes community involvement; and provides the safe, timely, and efficient delivery of fire and rescue resources.


Through selection, training, and professional development we will create a Fire Department that is a model to our peers, an asset to our community, and a valued place to work.


Do the right thing; do it safely; and do it better than anyone else.


  • Our single most important goal is to make Schertz the safest city in which to live, work, or play. We will accomplish this by meeting the following objectives.
  • Improve Insurance Services Organization rating from Class 3 to Class 1.
  • Respond to 90% of emergency incidents within 5 minutes.
  • Pre-fire plan all commercial buildings in the city twice per year.
  • Quarterly inspect all restaurants, schools, and nursing homes.
  • Enact a wellness fitness program for all firefighters.
  • Improve training opportunities and encourage involvement of firefighters in specialized emergency operations.
  • Provide high quality first responder medical service by encouraging advanced medical training and certifications.
  • Make contact with at least 50% of population annually to deliver the fire safety message.
  • Maintain safe construction and occupancy within the city through practical fire code enforcement.
  • Attract and maintain a qualified and diverse workforce, by encouraging culturally diverse applicants through career fairs, public education, and development of a local Fire Explorer Post Program.