New Solid Waste Provider for City of Schertz

Effective July 1, 2017, Republic Services, who recently acquired Bexar Waste, will be the solid waste services provider for the City of Schertz.


Since 2000, Bexar Waste has exclusively provided solid waste services for the City of Schertz. Solid waste services are integral to the health, safety and welfare of a community.  The City of Schertz has received tremendous service over the years through the efforts of Bexar Waste.


Bexar Waste vetted their potential buyer extensively and are certain that Republic Services will continue to provide the same level of service going forward. Citizens should not see a change to their regular trash pickup days; however, trash pickup times could vary slightly from current schedules. For example, if your trash is typically picked up around 8:00 AM it is possible that your trash will now be picked up until later in the day or vice versa. Times and schedules should normalize within a few weeks.


Republic Services, Inc. was incorporated in 1996 with a “can do” spirit, driving its dramatic growth and acquisitions through the years, welcoming other organizations that share its values and fiduciary discipline. Today, Republic Services, Inc. is the second largest provider of services in the domestic non-hazardous solid waste industry, providing over 2,700 other municipalities across the country with solid waste services.


For more information on solid waste services, please contact Public Works at (210) 619-1800.


For questions and/or concerns regarding trash pickup, contact the Utility Billing Office at (210) 619-1000 or send an email to

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