Republic Services- New Solid Waste Provider



Many questions have been asked during the transition into Republic Services. Please reference the F.A.Q. section below to find answers to common questions.

For questions and/or concerns regarding trash pickup, contact the City Utility Billing Office at (210) 619-1100 or send an email to



How can I set up service?

Service can be setup by calling the City of Schertz at 210-619-1000. The City will notify Republic Services.


Who can I call for residential and commercial needs?

Contact the City of Schertz at 210-619-1000 or Republic Services at 210-304-2787


When I sign up for new service, how long will it take to get my recycling bin and trash bin?

On or before your next Service Day (or sooner) i.e.… if your normal scheduled day is Monday and a request for service is called in on Tuesday your container may not show up until the following Monday. (WE ALWAYS TRY TO DELIVER ASAP)


What time does my trash need to be curbside?

Trash and recycling needs to be curbside by 7:00 AM of your service day.


If my recycling/trash does not get picked up on the scheduled day, who do contact?

The City Utility Billing Office 210-619-1100 or 311 or send an email to


If my trash pickup date is a holiday, what will be my next pickup date?

If you are a 2x/week customer = Republic will service on your next scheduled pick up day

If you are a 1x/week customer = Republic will make up your service the Saturday immediately following the Holiday


If I am an established customer, will I be receiving a new trash bin or will I continue to use the one I already have?

Continue to use your current Cart and Bin


Will I continue to be billed by the City of Schertz for trash/recycling, or do I need to set up a new account with Republic Services?

Billing will continue to be through the City of Schertz


Will my rates increase for trash/recycling fees?

Yes, Our franchise agreement that Republic was assigned by Bexar Waste had regular rate increases built into it.  The next pre-programed rate increase will be effective as of October 1, 2017 by 3% Residential will go from the current $12.05 to $12.41 Commercial will go from the current $15.25 to 15.70


The city has provided its residents 2 biannual clean up days in the spring and fall.  Will these continue as they were with Bexar Waste? If so, when will they take place and where will the drop-off location be?

The City of Schertz will continue to host bi-annual Clean Up days. The future location is currently being determined by City staff and Republic Services and will be communicated to the residents as soon as possible.


If I have trash that won’t fit in my receptacle, can I leave trash bags by the can?  If so, how many?

1X week with cart = up to 5 bags

2X week with cans = up to 3 bags


What do I need to do for small shrub pickup?

Trees, brush, and limbs cannot exceed four inches in diameter nor five feet in length. All limbs and brush must be in bundles not to exceed 60 lbs each. Leaves and grass clippings and small brush items are to be placed in cardboard containers, plastic bags, or trash cans. If brush is too big for the Republic pick-up requirements, contact Public Works to arrange for the City to pick up and chip your brush and tree limbs.


What do I do if I have bulk trash that I need to have picked up?  What is the definition of bulk trash? What is the associated cost for that and do I pay the City or Republic Services?

Bulk services must be communicated to the City by calling the Utility Billing Office at 210-619-1000. The fee for this service is $20/yard. The definition of bulk is as follows: small refrigerators with Freon evacuation certificate, carpet, fencing materials, more than 10 bags of landscape waste or bundles of brush and other items of similar nature that can be loaded by two employees in 5minutes or less, except construction debris, dead animals, hazardous waste or stable matter with weights or volumes greater than those allowed for trash collection containers. Other large items that are not considered bulk can be taken to Tessman Rd landfill located @ 7000 IH10 East. Please call 210-661-4104 for rates.


Where do I go to drop off other large items not described as bulk?
Other large items can be taken to Tessman Rd landfill located @ 7000 IH10 East. Please call 210-661-4104 for rates.


If my trash can or recycle bin gets broken by the trash company or stolen, what actions should I take?

If your cart is broken, contact Republic Services at 210-304-2787 for a replacement. If it is stolen, get a police report and call Republic Services for a replacement.


To whom do I report unsafe driving or irresponsible employee conduct?

Contact Republic Services at 210-304-2787


If my property is damaged while my trash is being collected, who do I call?

Damage claims can be reported to Republic Services directly at 210-304-2787


What size trash cans can be used if my trash pickup is twice a week?

Continue using your current trash bin. The combined weight of the can and contents should not exceed 75lbs.


How do I cancel service?

Contact the City at 210-619.1000 and they will contact Republic Services



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