Chipping Service for Residents Affected by Weekend Weather

Due to inclement weather over the weekend, the City will be offering chipping service free of charge for residents affected by the heavy rains and winds. Chipping service will run from August 30 through September 13. This service is only for those that were affected by the most current severe weather who may have downed branches and trees. All normal chipping jobs will continue to be completed on Fridays and charged the normal fee.


All brush and tree limbs must be at the front of the curb of the billing address and stacked neatly for easy access (parked vehicles cleared of brush pile) with absolutely no tree stumps placed on top of limbs. All brush must be curbside by 7:30 AM on date of scheduled service.


Stumps must be cut 18 inches in length and less than 12 inches in width (or split in half) in order for pickup and must be placed in a separate pile along curb. Stumps will not be chipped, but must be accessible and able to be lifted by a single person in order to be removed from location. These guidelines must be followed or stumps will not be removed.


Brush pile guidelines are as follows: Brush should not be stacked more than 5ft in height and limbs should not be longer than 7ft in length.


The following items will NOT be picked up: lumber, palm tree limbs, cactus limbs of any kind, household trash, ETC. This is a brush removal service only! NO EXCEPTIONS!


City employees will NOT go onto private property to drag brush and/or tree limbs to the curb Line, they will not enter alleys, easements or undeveloped lots to chip brush.


To schedule a chipping appointment, you can sign up HERE or call 210-619-1800.

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