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Hours of Operation:
M-F 8:00AM to 5:00PM


Pay Water Bill Online

Receive Water Bill by Email or Postal Mail Opt-In/Opt-Out Here


Notice: The online payment website may be inaccessible outside of the US and Canada. This change will take effect on December 19th, 2015.



ATTENION: Water Utility Payments Will No Longer Be Accepted At the City of Schertz Police Department for After Hour Restoration of Service


If your service has been disconnected for non-payment and would like to have services restored after the close of business at 5:00 p.m., all payments must be made at the City of Schertz YMCA Water Billing Kiosk Center. Payment will need to be made by cash, Mastercard, or Visa.


When paying at the kiosk, you will be prompted through a series of screens that will require you to complete required information for payment on the account, credit/debit card or cash payments are accepted. You will be provided a receipt that you should save for your records that will contain a confirmation number. A representative from the City of Schertz will be notified to restore service within one hour of payment received.


The City’s Water Utility Billing Department is here to serve you with your water, sewer, garbage, and recycling service needs. We maintain customer accounts, read meters, conduct sewer averaging, and process payments.


New Accounts

If you are new to town, welcome! If you are returning to the City, welcome back!
To open an account, please complete the following application which will be for water, sewer, garbage, and recycling: APPLICATION – Water and Garbage Services – PDF
Should you wish to set up your account for an automatic bank draft or credit/debit card draft, please complete the following form: AUTHORIZATION for Automatic Bill Payment/Draft – PDF.
Should you experience an unexpected water leak or line break, we will consider an adjustment to your bill after repairs have been made. Please complete the following form: REQUEST FOR WATER LEAK ADJUSTMENT- PDF


Completed applications may be submitted to our office in person, mail, fax, or by email. Please see our contact information at the top of this page.


NOTE: Effective November 15, 2010, the water deposit will increase to $125.00 inside the City Limits of Schertz and $150.00 outside the City Limits of Schertz. View a complete list of City of Schertz Fees.


Residential & Business Alarm Permits

The City of Schertz has an Alarm Ordinance in effect which requires an alarm permit for monitored or audible alarm systems. Please view the Alarm Permit webpage which will provide information pertaining to the residential and business alarms and a printable application is provided for new and renewing applicants to complete.



Schertz is proud of its water! Since March 2003, the City receives its water from the Carrizo Aquifer. Unlike other cities in the area that rely on the Edwards Aquifer, Schertz customers have high quality water with limited use restrictions.


Schertz encourages good stewardship of our water resource and promotes a year-round water conservation plan. The rules are simple to follow:

  • Year round outdoor sprinkler watering is prohibited between 10:00AM to 8:00PM daily. The use of a handheld hose or other handheld watering device or a drip irrigation system can be used at any time.
  • It shall be a violation if a person or customer allows water to run off into a non-pervious ditch, or fails to repair a controllable leak.
  • Re-use water usage is exempt from the water conservation plan.
  • Customers using water from a private water well must comply with all requirements of the water conservation plan.
  • All persons are urged not to waste water.


While not anticipated, the City reserves the right to impose further water use restrictions in emergency situations. In this event, more information will be posted on this web site.


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requires the City to provide users with a water quality report. All reports are for the previous year. If you have any questions about this report or need further information, please contact Public Works at 210.619.1800 during business hours.


Drinking Water Reports РCCR

Current Water Report – PDF

2016 Drinking Water Report – PDF

2015 Drinking Water Report – PDF

2014 Drinking Water Report – PDF
2013 Drinking Water Report – PDF
2012 Drinking Water Report – PDF
2011 Drinking Water Report – PDF

2010 Drinking Water Report – PDF

2009 Drinking Water Report – PDF

2008 Drinking Water Report – PDF

2007 Drinking Water Report – PDF

2006 Drinking Water Report – PDF



  • Residential and commercial garbage and recycling services are coordinated through our department.
  • Residential garbage and recycling pickup days are assigned by zone. Please call us at 210.619.1100 to determine your pickup days.
  • There will be no pickup on the following holidays: July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.
  • Residential recycling is strongly encouraged. This handout details what items may be recycled.
  • Commercial waste services can be customized to fit your business needs, please contact us to provide you with a quote.


Electric, Gas, Telephone, and Cable Utilities



1400 Schertz ParkwaywaterIQlogoPMSUsmall
Schertz, Texas 78154
Phone: 210.619.1100

Fax: 210.619.1139