City of Schertz Logos


Any questions about usage should be directed to the Schertz Public Affairs office at 210-619-1630.


The City Secretary has the responsibility and final say on what documents may include the City Seal for the City of Schertz


The Seal and its lettering are a single piece of art and are not to be manipulated in any way, including resetting the lettering in a different font, changing the proportions of the Seal or any part of it, incorporating other words within the border, or printing it in more than two colors.


Standard size
To ensure visibility and readability the Seal should always be 1.5” (height & width); however, when a larger Seal is required (publications, advertisements, etc.) the Seal may be enlarged with the approval of the City Secretary. Additionally, the City Seal may be reduced to 1.25” (height & width) with the approval of the City Secretary for city agendas. The standard size is not applicable for various electronic mediums, including: Television, Electronic Signs, etc.


Recommended sizes
On standard size formats the Seal height should be as follows:
8.5 x 11 = 1.5” x 1.5”
The Seal should only appear once on a single sheet.


Tag Line
The tag line for the City of Schertz shall be:
Community. Service. Opportunity.


The Logo
The City Logo is to be used for all general purposes related to City of Schertz activities.


The City Logo comes in two primary versions (Blue [with gold Star] and Blue & white. Black and White may be substituted for the Blue and White if duplication of the Blue becomes complicated. A reverse white is permissible on darker colored publications and shirts.


The City Logo shall be a minimum of 2.5” x .5” on all letterhead and other publications unless a larger or smaller size is necessary. Permission to use the City Logo on any materials shall be at the discretion of City of Schertz Department Heads within the parameters of the City of Schertz Style Guide.


Logo Colors
The City of Schertz colors are the following:


The Pantone colors are:

  1. Blue: 2965C
  2. Orange: 7412C


Download Logos

City Seal – color
City Seal – black and white
City Logo-Blue and Gold
City Logo-Blue
City Logo- Blue and Gold Bar