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The City of Schertz is proud of its parks and recreational facilities. Public parks also provide picnic facilities and playgrounds. Lighted basketball courts and a Junior Olympic-sized swimming pool are open to the public throughout the summer months.


The City of Schertz Parks and Recreation Department strives to achieve the following goals by implementing the Parks Master Plan:

  • Provide a diverse and evenly distributed blend of parks, recreation, and open space areas to accommodate
    the current and future needs of Schertz residents.
  • Encourage the conservation of natural resources through the acquisition of parks and recreation areas,
    preservation of open space, and environmentally sensitive planning.
  • Encourage and promote a variety of recreational opportunities
    including cultural activities, community activities and special events
    to enhance recreation and education opportunities for residents and
  • Provide residents connectivity to the City’s parks, schools, open space
    and cultural centers using trails, paths, and other alternative means of
    transportation to provide a Citywide trail system.

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    Rarities at Crescent Bend Nature Park

    November has been a spectacular month for birders. Unlike most years, rare birds have been popping up throughout Bexar County. Most of these rare birds will stay only a short time before moving on to their normal habitat. This year the rarities are staying longer to much delight to local birders.

    Crescent Bend Nature Park is being blessed with three very unique rare birds. The Ringed Kingfisher is normally a South Texas bird seen down in the valley. A female was first spotted along Cibolo Creek on October 28th. The Sage Thrasher is a western U.S. states bird that was first seen in the park on November 6th. The Red-napped Sapsucker is also found in western U.S. states and is the rarest of the three. A female was first seen in the park on Oct 30th.

    All three of these birds are being spotted regularly in the park which is a good sign the birds feel safe to stay in the park’s habitat. In the past few weeks, many local birders and out-of-towners have been visiting the park in search of these unique birds.


    ringed king fisher bird    

    Schertz Parks Master Plan Draft 2014


    Click on the links below to view chapters of the Schertz Parks Master Plan Draft 2014. Also complete the survey below to give feedback on the draft. We appreciate your comments and concerns.


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    Introduction – Schertz Parks Master Plan – 2013
    Chapter 1 – Forward
    Chapter 2 – Executive Summary
    Chapter 3 – Schertz Demographics
    Chapter 4 – Current Inventory of Schertz Park Recreation
    Chapter 5 – Citizen Survey & Input
    Chapter 6 – Desired State
    Chapter 7 – Goals & Objectives
    Chapter 8 – Plan Summary