Public Works

Public Works
10 Commercial Place
Schertz, Texas 78154
Phone: 210.619.1800
Fax: 210.619.1849


Hours of Operation:
M-F 8:00AM to 5:00PM


Have Billing Questions?
Call 210.619.1100


Emergency After Hour Contact
Call 210.619.1200
Schertz PD will dispatch workers to the scene


Annual Spring Clean Up 2016


The City of Schertz Public Works Department takes pride in providing superior customer service, safe and efficient streets, community services, development of community, and excellent water services. We strive to prepare our team for the future and our ever-growing city as we accept new projects that will better the lives of our citizens.


Updated Drought Contingency and Water Conservation Plan
Public Works Utility (locates) Permit Application
Recycling Permit Application Instructions


Specifications and Design Standards

Specifications and Design Standards for Public Work Improvements within the City of Schertz, Texas.


Any public improvement plans or civil construction plans submitted on or after May 1, 2015 will be required STORZ CONNECTIONS on all new Fire Hydrants. Please review the Schertz Water Details Fire Hydrant section for design.


The City of Schertz does hereby set forth compliances for urban and suburban subdivisions in order to adequately provide for the needs of the community and to secure adequate provisions for streets, alleys, sidewalks, water, sewage, drainage easements and other public facilities.



What Are the Requirements for Draining a Pool?


Discharges from swimming pools are generally not allowed unless: de-chlorinated to less than 1 ppm chlorine or discharged through the yard of the property on which it is located, and does not cross adjacent property. A notification shall be provided to the Public Works Department (210-619-1800) at least one business day in advance of discharge.


Curb Side Chipping

The City of Schertz provides a Curb Side Chip service during the year for Schertz Residents. Chipping service will be performed on Fridays during normal business hours. It is the responsibility of the Resident to contact Public Works at 210.619.1800 or online to schedule appointments. Appointments for the week must be made by Thursday, at 3:00 PM. Appointments made after this time will be placed on the next week’s service. In the event of overload or inclement weather chip jobs not done Friday will be completed the following Monday.
All Brush and Tree limbs must be at the front of the curb and stacked neatly for easy access (Parked Vehicles cleared of Brush Pile) with ABSOLUTELY NO TREE STUMPS PLACED ON TOP OF LIMB

Please be aware that Public Works no longer picks up or chips bamboo and palm tree limbs. Trash provider will pick up if cut and placed inside the trash container.
Stumps must be cut 18 inches in length in order for pickup and must be placed in a separate pile along curb. Stumps will not be chipped, but must be accessible and able to be lifted by a person in order to be removed from location. These guidelines must be followed or stumps will not be removed.
City employees will not go onto private property to drag brush and or tree limbs to front of house, they will not enter alleys to chip brush NO EXCEPTIONS!
This is a Residential Service Only!
Any work performed by hiring of a contractor from resident will be the responsibility of resident to have contractor remove all limbs and debris. NO EXCEPTIONS!
No lumber will be picked up or chipped. Chips will not be shoveled out of truck or shot into resident yard with chipper.
A fee of $25.00 per half hour will be assed for pickup and chipping (charge will appear on customer water bill).

Click here to schedule chipping

Fixture Rebate Program

The City of Schertz Public Works and Inspection Department has been authorized by the City Manager and City Council to establish a toilet rebate program. Set forth is the policy regulating the rules and condition of this program. The intent of the program is to encourage conservation of water by replacing toilets that exceed 1.6-gallon capacity. View Fixture Rebate Application.


Street Sweeper

Our street sweeper cleans about 600 miles of street each month in the City of Schertz. The sweeper follows a regular monthly schedule. If you have any questions about the street sweeper or schedule call 210.619.1800.


Ditch and Right-of-Way Maintenance

A continuous cycle occurs as follows:
1. Mid-City
2. North of City
3. South of City
Rain makes the grass grow faster than we can mow, please be patient!