How do these orders and regulations affect my business operations?
  • As of March 20, action from the Mayor closed restaurants, and food courts, allowing take‐out, delivery  or drive‐through operations only, and closed all bars, lounges, or taverns; theaters; gyms; and private  clubs. All of these types of business are to be closed until April 14, though this date may be revisited or repealed by the Schertz City Council at an earlier date.
Food and Supplies:
  • Grocery and box stores providing necessary supplies for residents and businesses including groceries, pet supplies and pet food, supplies needed to work from home and consumer products, such as toilet paper and cleaning supplies can remain open provided that all necessary precautions are taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Other businesses:
  • Generally, if a business can ensure (6) feet of social distancing between customers and have less than 10 people (including employees) inside the structure they may continue to operate. 
    • Some services, such as cutting hair, personal grooming, etc. can not be completed at this safe distance and as such these services would violate the Governor’s Order and/or Mayors Declaration not to be within 6 feet of the customer for extended periods of time. However, if a hair salon (or similar business) sells other retail products then they can maintain their storefronts in line with the Governor’s Order #2 that allows options for drive thru, pickup, and delivery services.  Businesses must also manage entry and exit to ensure no more than 10 people are in a single space at one time.
    • Please note that businesses not specifically mentioned as prohibited by Governor Abbott, the City of Schertz, nor by the appropriate Counties should make their own business decision about whether to stay open or closed. All businesses that remain open should take all actions necessary to prevent the spread of COVID‐19 and to increase social distancing through the normal course of business activities.

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1. How do these orders and regulations affect my business operations?