What is the hiring processes?

Hiring processes are scheduled when positions become available. When a hiring process is planned, you can check the Schertz Police Department website or local newspapers for announcement information.

Schertz Police Department Notice of Police Officer Examination

  • When: January 23, 2020
  • Where: Schertz Police Department
    1400 Schertz Parkway Bldg 6
    Schertz, TX 78154
  • Test: The test consists of Penal Code, Criminal Code of Procedure, Traffic, reading comprehension, and math.

After successful completion of the written test (A score of 70 or higher), applicants will move immediately to the obstacle course and PT Test.

Obstacle Course

Objective 1

An applicant will negotiate various obstacles and verbal commands while attempting to detain a suspect. This course will include running, crawling, jumping and climbing. There will also be requirements of being able to safely and effectively apply restraints to a potential suspect. This is a timed event.

Objective 2

An applicant will be required to move a 160 pound training aid a specified distance. This task must be completed in the allotted time.

Physical Training Test

PT Test consists of:

  • 1-mile run in 13 minutes.
  • 20 Push-ups in 1 minute
  • 20 Sit-ups in 1 minute

Applicants will have sufficient time between the written test and the PT test to change into PT clothing.

Please Note

  • There will be no food, drinks, cell phones, smart watches or any other hand carried items allowed into the room where testing is to take place. Any personal items must be stored in your vehicle.
  • Applicants who have separated from any branch of the United States Military will need to bring their member copy Number 4 of the DD214 to receive 5 points which will be added to their passing test score. This must be presented the day of the testing.

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