SPAM Rehabilitation Projects

On February 11, City Council awarded a construction contract to Alamo City Constructors, Inc. for the 2018 SPAM Rehabilitation Projects.

This project consists of three different project areas. Randolph between Main and Exchange will be reconstructed; Schertz Parkway between Live Oak and Beck will receive a “mill and overlay”; and a portion of the Northcliffe area will have their streets rehabilitated.

The Randolph reconstruction will replace the existing pavement with a new, stronger asphalt pavement section. The new section will be able to support the traffic loads, unlike the current pavement section. This section of Randolph will be completely closed during the reconstruction process. Traffic will be detoured around the project area. 

The Schertz Parkway “mill and overlay” involves grinding off the existing pavement surface. After the surface is removed, new layers of asphalt will be placed. In order to increase the strength of the pavement section, so it can better withstand the traffic loads, the entire existing asphalt and a small portion of the base underneath the pavement will be removed. This is so we can replace the existing two inches of asphalt with four inches of new asphalt. The new asphalt pavement will be placed in two layers. There will be alternating lane closures in the project area during the construction process. Two-way traffic and business access will be maintained, but it may take longer to get through the project area during construction. Please be patient and allow extra time while going through the project area.

The Northcliffe portion of the project involves making some sidewalk and curb and gutter repairs in the project area. Not all of the sidewalk and curb and gutter will be replaced as the main focus of this project is to address the streets. After the concrete repairs are completed, the existing pavement and base material underneath will be ground up and blended together. This mixture will next be cement stabilized and re-shaped. A new layer of asphalt will be placed on top of the blended and stabilized material. This new pavement structure will be stronger and more durable than the existing pavement. During construction, there will be times the street may resemble a gravel road and parking along the street will not be allowed. Please be patient as we complete this needed project.

Our contractor plans to start work on this project on April 6. The plan is to start in two project areas at the same time. They will start the concrete repairs in the Northcliffe area and the Randolph reconstruction first. Please check back here for project updates.

Construction Start: April 2020
Estimated Construction Final Completion: Summer 2020
Awarded Construction Contract: $2,881,784.00
Final Construction Contract:
Funding Source: Proceeds of 2016 and 2017 Certificates of Obligation for Road Improvements

Project Areas

update - may 15, 2020

The concrete work on Mayfair was completed and the asphalt was milled off this week.  Paving of Brookhead and Whisper Cove was completed this week.  Today cement stabilization will begin on Mayfair.  During the stabilization process, access to Mayfair will be limited.  Flaggers will be at the intersections to help guide vehicles through the project area.  Please allow extra time to travel through the project area.  The contractor expects to pave Mayfair next week.  The concrete work progresses on Crestwood and part of Wedgewood.  Several drive approaches are being poured today.  The contractor may be working this Saturday, if the weather cooperates.  They do plan to work on Saturdays until they get the project complete.  

All the concrete work was completed and work began to fine grade the base on Randolph this week.  Unfortunately, the rains have stopped activity on this project.  The south end of the project collects most of the runoff from the area.  As a result, the southern end of the base has become a pond.  It will take a few consecutive days of good weather for everything to dry out properly so work can continue.  The contractor is hopeful that he will be able to pave mid to end of next week.  

Work has begun on the concrete replacement on the southern end of the Schertz Parkway overlay project.  The contractor will continue working in this area on Saturday (weather permitting) and into next week.  With favorable weather, the contractor may be able to completed the replacements and move northward to start the next round of replacements.

update - may 8, 2020

Concrete work in the project area continued.  Curb and gutter has been replaced on the remainder of Mayfair and on the northern end of Wedgewood.  Brookhead has had the asphalt removed and the base material cement stabilized.  Whisper Cove has also had the base material cement stabilized.  Cherry Tree has been paved.  This means that Castle Hills, Sherwin, Angels and Cherry Tree are now complete.  Brookhead is expected to be paved on Monday and Whisper Cove later in the week.  The concrete work has been completed on Randolph.  Next week the contractor will do clean up and dress up the base a final time.  Paving is expected to happen next week, which will nearly complete the street.  Striping and cleanup will be the only items left for this project.

update - may 1, 2020

Cement stabilization has been completed on Castle Hills, Sherwin, and Angels.  These streets will be paved on Tuesday.  The asphalt has been removed from Cherry Tree and Whisper Cove, in preparation for cement stabilization.  The cement stabilization will be done on Monday.  Because of the nature of the work involved in the stabilization process, the Cherry Tree and Chelsea intersection will be closed for the day.  A detour will be set up to use Orth Avenue to access Cherry Tree while the Chelsea intersection is closed.  On Wednesday of next week, the asphalt on Brookhead will be milled off.  The following day (Thursday), cement stabilization will be done on Whisper Cove and Brookhead.  Acccess on both streets will be limited during the stabilization process, but the streets will fully reopen at the end of the day. Today, the contractor began pouring the curb and gutter on Randolph.  The concrete work will continue next week.  After the concrete work is complete, the street will be paved.

update - april 24, 2020

The concrete pavement at the intersection of Castle Hills and Sherwin has been completed.  The contractor has also completed more sections of sidewalk and curb and gutter repairs in the project area.  Additional corner ADA ramps have also been completed.  The street rehabilitation process has started on Castle Hills, Sherwin, and Angel.  The asphalt has been removed and the underlying material is being pulverized in preparation for cement stabilization.  This prep work will continue on Saturday.  Early next week, these streets will receive the cement stabilization.  Once the stabilization is complete, the new asphalt pavement will be placed.  The new base material on Randolph has been placed and compacted.  Next week the contractor will begin forming and pouring the new curb and gutter and sidewalks.  Once the concrete work is complete, the street will be paved.

update - april 17, 2020

The cement treatment of the subgrade on Randolph has been completed.  The contractor has also placed and compacted part of the base for the new pavement section.  Next week the contractor will form up the new curb and gutter.  Work has progressed in the Northcliffe area.  Several ADA corner ramps have been replaced and some drive approaches and curb and gutter sections have also been replaced.  The concrete pavement section at the intersection of Castle Hills and Sherwin has been removed and formed up.  The new pavement will be poured on Monday.  As soon as the concrete cures enough, the street will be re-opened.  The contractor will continue working on replacement of ADA corner ramps, drive approaches, and curb and gutter sections in the project area next week.

update - april 9, 2020

Work has begun in the Northcliffe area and on Randolph between Main and Exchange.  The work in Northcliffe is primarily replacement of the ADA ramps at the intersections.  This work will continue into next week.  Also next week on Monday, April 13th, a section of concrete pavement at the corner of Sherwin Drive and Castle Hills Drive will be removed and replaced.  This will take approximately two weeks to complete.  Please remember that once the concrete is poured, we have to allow it to cure for several days before we can open it to traffic.  This is part of the reason it will take two weeks to complete.  During this time the street will be closed at this location.  Residents will need to use other routes to get around the construction area.  (see attached map for detours).  The asphalt and base have been removed from Randolph between Main and Exchange.  The contractor is doing the final excavation to the bottom of the new pavement section.  This is expected to be complete by the end of this week.  Starting on Monday, the contractor will begin cement stabilizing the subgrade.  This will increase the strength of the soil and make the pavement section last longer.

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