Trail Development

TrailsLogo-01City staff is working on expanding the trail network in Schertz and with that comes the development of a trail branding program. The Schertz Trails logo, trail mile-marker signage, and trail maps will all be developed as we add more trail networks to the system. Long-range plans include the Cibolo Creek Trail, Dry Comal Creek Trail, and the Woman Hollering Creek Trail. Stay tuned to for more information on these exciting projects!

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Trail Map with Image (1)The Great Northern Trail is a trail project that is planned to follow the high-line utility easement along Wiederstein Road and stretches approximately 8 miles from Schertz Parkway to the Cypress Point neighborhood in northern Schertz. The first section of this trail already exists in Forest Ridge Park and the second section will be built as part of the Schertz Pedestrian Routes & Bike Lanes Project to connect Schertz Parkway to Forest Ridge Park. The next section of trail in design phase is the connection from the existing trails in the Riata neighborhood to FM 1103 (near Cibolo Valley Baptist Church.) The next section to be designed will be the connection between the existing trails in the Belmont Park neighborhood to the Riata neighborhood (near Sippel Elementary.)

Pages-from-Final-Schertz-Thoroughfare-Plan-June-2017SCHERTZ TRAILS MASTER PLAN 

Schertz residents have listed trails, and walking & biking opportunities, as their top priority in citizen surveys and the Schertz Parks Master Plan since at least 2013. In 2017 the City’s Master Thoroughfare Plan was completed and this provided a framework for future transportation needs in the city, including trails, sidewalks, and bike lanes. A copy of the Master Thoroughfare Plan can be found at and the Trails Network can be found on Page 25 of the document. This master plan provides the framework from which city staff has been working to expand the trail network.


This exciting project for the Schertz community will install $1.1 million worth of trails, sidewalks, and bike lanes throughout Central Schertz. This project was also made possible due to applying for a federal fund match (80% federal/20% local) through the Transportation Alternatives Program. A 10-foot wide decomposed granite trail is planned off of Schertz Parkway that meanders through the LCRA easement roughly parallel to Wiederstein Road and connects to the established trail in Forest Ridge Park. The second part of the project includes striping compliant bike lanes (proper width, proper signage, and striping) on both sides of Savannah Drive from the Selma/ Schertz city limits to FM 3009. Bicycle traffic in this area is heavy due to the elementary and intermediate schools along Savannah Drive. Compliant bike lanes will also be added to Woodland Oaks Drive from Schertz Parkway to FM 3009. The third component of the project is to install sidewalks along both sides of Live Oak Road from Schertz Parkway to FM 3009. This will complete a much-needed connection for pedestrians between two highly utilized corridors through the city. The project bidding was complete in December 2020 and construction is scheduled to start in March 2021.

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