Specifications & Design Standards

City of Schertz Public Works Specifications Manual includes the following:

Public Works Design Guide

Every subdivision or development which requires the installation of public infrastructure improvements to serve the proposed subdivision or development much submit construction plans to ensure compliance with city codes and/or specifications. The Public Works Design Guide establishes standard principles, criteria, and practices for the design of infrastructure.

The Public Works Design Guide currently in use was last updated on December 15, 2014 and can be viewed here.

Standard Construction Details

City of Schertz Standard Construction Details are categorized below. When viewing a specific detail, please note the revision date and include the most recent detail in construction plans. In the event a detail is revised prior to the start of, or during construction, the detail included and approved as a part of plans submitted to the City for approval will be honored for the duration of construction. Please include only those details relevant to the construction project in construction plans submitted to the City.

Public Works Technical Specifications

A complete set of the Public Works Technical Specifications can be found here.

Public Works Technical Specifications by division are listed below. Please note the revision date of the individual specification. In the case of a specification being revised prior to the start of, or during construction, the specification included with submitted plans and approved by the City will be honored for the duration of construction. 


These guidelines are provided to assist the developers of commercial and residential properties to meet the requirements of the City of Schertz's Fire Marshal’s Office.  The information provided are guidelines only and are not intended to address all requirements. Currently the City references the 2012 IFC, 2012 IBC, & most current NFPA edition.