Streets & Drainage

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Street Operations is responsible for maintaining and preserving city streets which is achieved through the following:


  • Sign fabrication, maintenance and installation
  • Street markings (painting), striping, school crosswalks, bike lanes
  • Traffic signal maintenance and troubleshooting Street Maintenance-asphalt, concrete (curbs, sidewalks), crack sealing

Street Maintenance Request

Street Sweeper

Our street sweepers clean about 163 miles of street each month in the City of Schertz. In order to maintain all of the roadways, the City asks that residents do not dump, push, sweep, or blow yard waste- including leaves, tree limbs, or brush- into City streets or right of ways. 

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Drainage is responsible for keeping all city channels, alleyways, and all city right-of-ways mowed and cleared of debris and buildup of silt. 


  • 180.40 Acres of Drainage
  • 118.7 Acres of Right-of-Ways
  • 5.15 Acres of Alleyways

Requirements for Draining a Pool

Discharges from swimming pools are generally not allowed unless de-chlorinated to less than 1 ppm chlorine or discharged through the yard of the property on which it is located, and does not cross adjacent property. 

A notification shall be provided to the Public Works Department (210-619-1800) at least one business day in advance of discharge.