Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet Access

The Schertz Public Library provides free Internet access to users with portable computers or devices capable of receiving wireless signals, during normal library business hours.  All guidelines and rules governing the use of the library’s public computers apply to the use of the library’s wireless networks.  The wireless access provided in the library is filtered in the same manner as detailed above.

The library is not responsible for any changes users make to their personal computer’s settings in order to access the wireless network and cannot guarantee that a user’s hardware will work with the wireless network.

If a user has problems accessing the Internet over the wireless network, staff cannot assist in making changes to the user’s network settings or perform any troubleshooting on the user’s computer. Users should refer to their owners’ manuals or other support services offered by their device manufacturer.

As with most public wireless points, the library’s wireless connection is not secure. There can be non-trustworthy third parties between the user and anybody with whom the user communicates. Another wireless user could potentially intercept any information being sent or received. Cautious and informed wireless users should not transmit their credit card information, passwords and any other sensitive personal information while using any wireless “hot spot.”

The library will not be responsible for any personal information (e.g. credit card) that is compromised, or for any damage caused to the user’s hardware or software due to electric surges, security issues or consequences caused by viruses or hacking. All wireless access users should have up-to-date virus/spyware protection on their personal laptop computers or wireless devices.

The library provides access only to Web-based email. For Microsoft Outlook or other email services, the user must connect with his or her own Internet provider.

Printers are available via the wireless connection and users can utilize wireless printing from laptops, tablets and smartphones. Learn more about the different wireless printing options. All documents printed from the public printers are subject to charge.

Revised October 2017
Revised October 2010