Emergency Notifications

Regional Emergency Alert Network

In an effort to improve communication during emergency situations, the City of Schertz encourages residents to register for the Regional Emergency Alert Network (REAN) system. Use of this system allows local public safety officials the ability to send mass notifications to registered users through both land-lines and a variety of electronic devices during a natural or man-made emergency in the area.

Traditional systems similar to this were previously limited to land-line phones. Guadalupe, Comal, and Bexar Counties have improved the system and now register multiple means of communication so that mobile contact information is included in the 911 database.


It is important to note that citizens must be registered in REAN to receive notifications. During the registration process users are able to opt-in to receive emergency notifications via phone call, text messaging, and/or email based on addresses that they specify (home, work, school, parent’s house, etc.). Alerts will be disseminated during the duration of an emergency and will cease to broadcast when public safety officials deem the imminent threat has passed or activation settings expire.

Staying Informed

The City of Schertz encourages residents to also stay informed during emergencies by monitoring local radio and television stations. Other means of communication that Schertz public safety officials may use during an emergency include:

In areas of potential immediate impact, Police, Fire and EMS Department first responders may go door-to-door with information or instruction.

The City’s website also provides information to the media and the public during emergency situations. This information can be accessed from a computer or electronic devices. The City of Schertz also encourages residents to stay up to date by following the Schertz Police Department Facebook page.

Reverse 911 System

The Reverse 911 system allows for notifications to be sent to targeted areas to receive pertinent warnings. This system notifies immediately impacted residents and visitors that have land-line phones with instructions to promote safety. No registration is required.

The REAN system also allows public safety officials to send mass notifications to users during large events or other occasions when roads may be closed and detours should be noted in case of emergency.

Provided Information

The information provided during registration is for emergency notification purposes only and will not be shared with any other entity. Once registered, a conformation email will be sent to registrants and they must respond using the link in the email to activate the service.

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