City of Schertz Web Portal

The City of Schertz has exciting news!  We just launched a new land use management software called CityView which will help automate business processes such as planning projects, permitting, inspections, contractors’ registrations, and code enforcement.  The new software will allow citizens, applicants and contractors to sign up and/or register to use an interactive web portal to submit, pay, request, and track their projects, permits and inspections online through the entire process. 

Submit a Fire Application

Plan reviews

Plan reviews for fire sprinkler, fire alarm and fixed pipe suppression shall be submitted directly to the Fire Dept for review.  At this time there is no application for permit.  See below for submittal requirements.

  • Drawings (plans)
  • Hydraulic/Battery Calculations 
  • Data sheets/Cut sheets
  • Copy of State License
  • Scope of work

Flammable storage or other hazardous storage

  • Tanks data sheets
  • Site drawing to scale
  • Scope of work
    • Type and quantity of item to be stored


Fee schedule (see page 16 for fire permits)