Roadway Impact Fee Program

Roadway Impact Fee


The purpose of a Roadway Impact Fee, or Capital Recovery Fee program, is to provide a funding mechanism for identified capital transportation improvements over a 10-year planning period. 


During fiscal year 2013-14, it was determined that the City of Schertz desired to explore a Roadway Impact Fee Program in order to generate revenue to fund certain roadway construction projects. In preparation, an update to the City's Master Thoroughfare Plan was prepared and adopted in July 2017. As a basis for calculation of an impact fee, City Council adopted a set of Land Use Assumptions and a Roadway Capital Improvement Plan in November 2017.

A public hearing was held by the City Council on March 13, 2018, regarding the proposed Roadway Impact Fee.  After that hearing, Council voted to adopt Ordinance 18-M-13, Roadway Capital Recovery Fees.  The ordinance was adopted and declared effective on second reading, March 27, 2018. 


In 2022, the City is in the process of amending the Capital Recovery Fee plans and ordinance to include areas recently annexed into the City Limits.  Documents associated with that process are included below.

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