Community Crime Map

Schertz Police Department and LexisNexis have partnered together to give area residents the opportunity to be more informed about reported criminal activity in their neighborhood and their city as a whole. The crime map is updated nightly with new data from the Police Department’s records system.

The Community Crime Map shows crimes in and around the Schertz area and allows visitors to sign up to receive crime alerts and neighborhood watch email reports of reported incidents in their neighborhood from the Schertz Police Department. Visitors can choose to receive the emails daily, weekly or monthly with the options for a specific distance and time to receive the emails. 

Crime Mapping Image

Link to interactive map

Please note, reports posted through LexisNexis community crime map may not include all offense reports that are generated due to current limitations beyond the control of community crime and the Schertz Police Department. Also, certain information is not visible due to privacy laws and to protect certain parties involved in an incident.