Full Service Card

Applying for a Full Service Library Card

Any Texas resident with a photo ID and current proof of residence (i.e. a utility bill) may apply for a card, free of charge.  If your proof of residence is separate from your photo ID, your name must appear on the proof of residence to be valid. P.O. boxes are not acceptable as proof of residence. Children under 18 may apply for a card as long as a parent, guardian, or responsible adult with a photo ID and proof of residence is present to sign the card. A responsible adult is defined as a person who is related to the child and willing to guarantee and be responsible for the child's use of library material.  Photo ID and proof of residence must be presented in-person at the library to complete the application process even if you began the application online. 

Non-residents (anyone who cannot provide proof of Texas residence) can also apply for a full service card, but must pay a $15.00 annual fee. In-person presentation of photo ID and proof of address is required. 

Your Library Card

If you lose your library card or if it is stolen, notify the library immediately. Once notified, we will block the card so that it can no longer be used. You remain responsible for all use made of your lost/stolen card prior to reporting it to the library. There is a $1.00 replacement fee for lost cards.

Library cards expire 24 months (12 months for non-residents) from the date of issue so that the library may update patron information. Identification and proof of residence must be presented at renewal.  DO NOT throw the card away as it is simply updated on the computer—the card itself is reused.


You must have your full service library card in hand to check out materials, access computers, or access your record. You are responsible for the safe return of all library materials checked out on your card and on any minor cards for which you have signed. You are responsible for any fines or reimbursement to the library for any lost or damaged materials, including materials that you allowed others to check out on your card. For this reason, we suggest that you do not allow others to use your card.

You may check out up to 25 items total on your card. All items have a three week check-out period UNLESS they are New Release DVDs which have a one week check-out period.

The library does not restrict minors from checking out any item that is available for checkout. Parents or legal guardians are solely responsible for deciding which library resources are appropriate for their children.