Circulation Policy

Applying for a Full Service Library Card

Any Texas resident with a photo ID and current proof of residence (i.e. a utility bill) may apply for a card, free of charge.  If your proof of residence is separate from your photo ID, your name must appear on the proof of residence to be valid.  P.O. boxes are not acceptable as proof of residence.  Children under 18 may apply for a card as long as they can write their name and a parent with a photo ID and proof of residence is present to sign the application form.

Applying for a Digital Access Library Card

Any Texas resident can get a Digital Access card. No proof of residence is needed, but you will need to physically present a photo ID.  You can only have one type of card:

  1. Full Service Library card that allows access to everything the Library has, or
  2. A Digital Access Library card that gives you access to all our digital resources

You can upgrade your Digital Access Library card to a Full Service Library card at any time. To upgrade, parents or guardians must sign and accept financial responsibility for children under 18 years of age and provide photo ID and current proof of residence.

Your Library Card

If you lose your library card or if it is stolen, notify the library immediately.  Once notified, we will block the card so that it can no longer be used.  You remain responsible for all use made of your lost/stolen card prior to reporting it to the library. There is a $1.00 replacement fee for lost cards.

Library cards expire 24 months from the date of issue so that the library may update patron information upon renewal.  Identification and proof of residence must be presented at renewal.  DO NOT throw the card away as it is simply updated on the computer—the card itself is reused.

Checking Out Library Materials

You must have your full service library card in hand to check out materials, access computers, or access your record. You are responsible for the safe return of all library materials checked out on your card and on any minor cards for which you have signed.  You are responsible for any fines or reimbursement to the library for any lost or damaged materials, including materials that you allowed others to check out on your card.  For this reason, we suggest that you do not allow others to use your card.

You may check out up to 25 items total on your card. All items have a 3 week check-out period UNLESS they are a New Release DVD which has a one week check-out period.

The library does not restrict minors from checking out any item that is available for checkout.  Parents or legal guardians are solely responsible for deciding which library resources are appropriate for their children.

Renewing Library Materials

You may renew library materials in person, by phone, email or online up to 2 times, provided there is no waiting list for the item or it is not overdue.  Eligible items will automatically renew 3 days before their due date. Interlibrary loan items cannot be renewed without prior approval from the lending library.

Reserving Library Materials

You may reserve Schertz Public Library materials in person, by phone, email or online.  You will be notified by phone or email when items that you have reserved are available for pick-up.

Interlibrary Loans

Your library card allows you to access books and materials from other libraries across the state and country through an interlibrary loan system.  Materials not found in the Schertz Public Library can be requested from another source through the WorldCat Navigator ILL system.

Computers and Internet Access

The library provides computers for the public to access the Internet.  To use a library computer, you must have a library card in good standing. In addition, you must read and agree to abide by the library’s Internet Policy.  Use your card at any available Internet terminal to log on.  Children under the age of 18 may use the Internet if a parent has given signed permission.  Children under the age of 7 may use the Internet only if a parent is sitting with the child.  Adults may not give permission to use the Internet for any child not their own.  You cannot use another’s card to access the Internet.

Word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and job-seeking software is available on library computers.  Patrons may print documents from the public access computers at the rate of $0.15 per page for b/w documents or $0.50 per page for color documents.  Oversized or double-sided documents are considered two documents.

Providing Information to Third Parties

State law prohibits the library from providing information from library records to third parties.  This restriction includes information about which items are checked out or are on reserve as well as home addresses and telephone numbers.  Individual users may have access only to their own records and those of their minor children.  The library does not use patron information for any purposes other than to conduct library business.

Miscellaneous Services

The library provides miscellaneous services to the public such as a copier and fax machine.  The library’s catalog can be accessed online at the library’s website at

Library cardholders may access the TexShare databases provided through the Texas State Library at the Schertz Public Library’s website.  The Texshare databases include many subscription service databases that are ideal for homework, research, and full-text searching of magazine articles.  Ask a staff member for the login and password.  Library cardholders may also participate in the TexShare Card program.  See following section for more details.

The library provides a number of programs for all ages.  Program calendars are online.

TexShare Card Program

Registered users of participating Texas libraries can obtain a TexShare Card from their home institution and use the card to borrow materials directly from other participating libraries. Users must be in good standing at the home library and must have demonstrated compliance with the home library’s borrowing policies.

Each participating library sets its own individual lending policy for the TexShare Card. To see if a library participates in the program, and to read its lending policy, please visit the Texas State Library’s TexShare webpage.

Currently, the Schertz Public Library allows any resident of Texas to receive a library card free of charge.  This is not the case with all libraries in the area.  Registered Schertz Public library customers in good standing may apply for a TexShare card to be used to obtain borrowing privileges at other libraries free of charge.  Please remember that each individual library sets its own rules and guidelines on how TexShare Card customers can use the library and the rules vary considerably from library to library.

To apply for a TexShare Card, you must have a current Schertz Public Library card that has been in use for at least three months, be free of fines and have no overdue materials.  Upon presentation of your library card and a valid photo ID, your library card application on file can be updated to include TexShare card privileges and you will be issued a TexShare card.  The TexShare card can then be used at another participating TexShare library according to their lending policies.  Any items borrowed from another library must be returned to that library and not to the Schertz Public Library.

Because the Schertz Public Library allows all residents of Texas to apply for a card free of charge, TexShare cards are not needed to borrow items from our library.  Instead, if you present a TexShare card from another library, you will be asked to present a valid photo ID and proof of residence and asked to fill out an application for a Schertz library card.

The Schertz Public Library reserves the right to change this policy if the agreements to provide library service between the City of Schertz and other governmental entities change.

User Fees

Overdue Materials

The library charges $0.25 per item per day for all overdue items except interlibrary loans. There is a 3-day grace period in which no fine is charged if the item is returned during that grace period, but if the item is returned on the 4th day or later, the overdue fines are retroactive to the day the item was due.  Interlibrary loan items follow the same schedule but are $1.00 per item per day.

A drive-up item return is available for the after-hours return of materials.

Items must be in the drops no later than 11:59 p.m. on the due date to avoid overdue charges.

Lost Materials

You are responsible for reimbursement to the library for any items lost while checked out on your card.  The library charges the cost of the lost item plus a $5.00 processing fee.  The processing fee is charged to recover part of the cost of reordering and processing a replacement copy and is independent of the original cost of the lost item.

Damaged Materials

You are responsible for reimbursement to the library for any items damaged beyond repair while checked out on your card.  The library charges the cost of the damaged item plus a $5.00 processing fee.