Guest Behavior Policy

The Schertz Public Library welcomes everyone to use its resources, services and facilities; however, no person has the right to interfere with the ability of others to use and enjoy them. Each individual is responsible for following this policy and maintaining appropriate behavior at all times.

If a guest creates any public nuisance, that guest may be restricted from library services and facilities. Disruptive guests of any age will be given a warning to stop the behavior or activity. Warnings for young children will be directed to the parent or attending adult if they can be found. If the behavior continues, staff will ask the person(s) to leave the library. Failure to leave will result in staff calling the police for assistance and the offender will be subject to arrest and/or be issued a criminal trespass warrant. Dangerous or illegal behavior will be reported to the police immediately without warning. 

To provide an enjoyable library visit for everyone, no person shall:

  • Possess alcohol, illegal substances, or be intoxicated by any means.
  • Exhibit disruptive behavior or exceed acceptable noise levels.
  • Verbally or physically abuse library guests or staff.
  • Harass guests or staff or attempt to engage guests or staff in unwanted discussion.
  • Engage in indecent exposure or activity.
  • Bring animals into the library except for animals used in library programming or service animals per the Animals in the Library policy.
  • Be in the library without being fully clothed, including shoes.
  • Use a skateboard, scooter or skates in the library or on library premises.
  • Present bodily hygiene that is distracting to the point that it interferes with guests’ use of library resources or with staff work.
  • Make unauthorized or inappropriate use of library property, facilities, or equipment. 
  • Steal, destroy, or deface library property, facilities, or equipment; or steal, destroy, or deface the property of other guests or staff.
  • Trespass into any area that is closed to the public.
  • Eat or drink in non-designated areas.
  • Place bags or belongings where they block aisles or take up the workspace of others. The library reserves the right to search such bags or other belongings.
  • Sleep in the library.
  • Smoke or use tobacco products in any area of the library or within 25’ of any library entrance. Smoking includes the use of electronic cigarettes or any other smoking device. (City of Schertz Ordinance 11-M-06)
  • Allow cell phones or other personal electronic devices to ring loudly or be in any way disruptive while in the library. Cell phones should be turned off or set to vibrate. Cell phone conversations should be conducted quietly and discreetly or conducted outside.
  • Refuse to leave at closing time or when asked to leave by staff.




Policy created 2001                                                                                
Endorsed by the Schertz Library Advisory Board May 7, 2001 
Updated April 4, 2005 
Updated May 6, 2014               
Updated September 1, 2015  
Updated October 1, 2017
Updated September 22, 2021 
Endorsed by the Schertz Library Advisory Board Nov. 1, 2021