Comprehensive Land Plan

Comprehensive Land Plan Amendment News

Through the approval of the FY2020-2021 City budget, effective October 2020, City Council allocated funding for updates to the Comprehensive Land Plan, including the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, and Unified Development Code. The Planning Division is very excited to kick off this project with the New Year. This page will be updated throughout the duration of the project, so stay tuned and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Currently Approved Comprehensive Land Plan Documents 

2002 Comprehensive Land Plan - The City of Schertz’s Comprehensive Land Plan is a policy document that serves as a guide for decisions relating to the physical, social, and economic growth of the City.  The Comprehensive Land Plan includes goals, policies, and identifies issues in the following development related categories: Land Use, Transportation, Public Facilities, Parks and Recreation, Community Enhancement, and Growth Capacity. City staff uses the Comprehensive Land Use Plan as a guiding document when evaluating development applications.

2013 Sector Plan Amendment - This document was adopted as an update to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan to address the increased growth in the northern and southern regions of the City.  It includes the North Sector Plan and South Sector Plan.

Future Land Use Map – This exhibit identifies the land use/character areas for all properties within the City corporate limits and Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). For detailed information relating to the land use character areas please reference the 2002 Comprehensive Land Plan and 2013 Sector Plan Amendment.

Master Thoroughfare Plan- This document identifies all major transportation facilities in the city and is intended to accommodate the ultimate development of the city’s thoroughfare network. It is a right-of-way preservation document, allowing the orderly development of a network necessary to support the city’s growth plans. Future thoroughfare alignments are conceptual, long-term and general in nature. The 2017 Master Thoroughfare Plan Policy Document can be found here.

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan – This document was adopted to provide for and continually improve park and recreational facilities, provide trail opportunities, preserve open spaces and rehabilitate existing parks in the City.

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