Drainage Maintenance Projects

The goal of the 2018-19 Drainage Maintenance Projects is to eliminate ongoing maintenance and safety issues for the City. These maintenance projects include installing a drop inlet on Greenridge street and installing an underground storm drainage system in an existing drainage channel between Hidden Grove and Dimrock streets. The project has been awarded to C-3 Environmental Specialties.

Construction Start: Late April 2019
Construction Completion: Mid Summer 2019
Cost of Construction: $400,000.00
Funding Source: Drainage Fund

Update -  June 2019

  • Approximately 700 linear feet of underground storm pipe has been installed to date.
  • Channel excavation for the new storm pipe is complete.
  • The final two Inlet structures have been installed.
  • Removal of the existing corrugated metal pipe storm system is complete.
  • Backfill operations continue to progress up the channel as pipe is installed.
  1. Scott McClelland, E.I.T.

    Project Manager
    Phone: 210-619-1822

Progress Photos