Which pet should I choose?

Choosing the correct pet is very important, and should be given the utmost consideration. Things to consider are the size of the pet and if you have the space to accommodate it, the activity level of the pet that you desire, can you afford the vet bills if it becomes sick or injured, the temperament of the breed of pet you desire, how much time will the pet be left alone, and the reason for getting a pet.

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1. How do I adopt a pet?
2. Which pet should I choose?
3. How do I prepare before I adopt?
4. What is included in the adoption and what is the process?
5. What do I need to do after the adoption? (responsible pet ownership)
6. What is your return policy?
7. What can I do as a volunteer?
8. How do I become a volunteer?
9. What are the requirements to be a volunteer?
10. What happens if my pet is brought into the shelter?
11. What does it cost to reclaim my pet from the shelter?
12. How do I obtain a City registration certificate for my pet?
13. How do I report a pet I have found?
14. How do I report a pet I have lost?
15. What is a stray hold?