Is there a deadline?

NO. Our membership plan is designed with an unlimited open enrollment period. This means you can join at any time. All membership will begin on January 1 of the current calendar year or at one-minute past the midnight on the day following when your membership is received, whichever is later. After our initial enrollment period is completed on February 28, the membership fee will be prorated throughout the remainder of the calendar year on a month to month basis. ALL Passport to Care memberships expire at 11:59 PM on December 31.

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1. Is this Insurance?
2. Do I receive a membership card?
3. If I move from the Schertz EMS service area, can I get a refund?
4. Is there a deadline?
5. What if I am transported on January 15th, can I send in my payment on the 16th and receive the discount?
6. What is the definition of dependent?
7. I have Medicaid, can I join?
8. What if I call another ambulance company other than Schertz EMS for a non-emergency transport?
9. What if Schertz EMS is busy and another EMS agency responds?
10. What if I am transported by a helicopter called by Schertz EMS?