Are there any costs not included in the tuition?
  • You will need to buy black or dark blue uniform pants ($35.00 to $50.00), black closed-toe shoes or boots (if you do not have them), black belt. 
  •  An additional class shirt ($25.00) if you would like more than one shirt.
  • Testing fees: PearsonVue Testing Center / National Registry Certification fee (at the end of class) - $80.00 total.
  • Licensing Fee: Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) Certification fee (at the end of class unless you are strictly a volunteer for a TDSHS-licensed first responded or EMS agency) - $64.00.
  • Criminal history check for EMT course (eligible for clinical rotations) - $25.00 plus tax.
  • Criminal history check after NREMT Exam has been passed and TDSHS application has been completed (service code 11BSBH) - $37.00.

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1. How do I enroll/register for the EMT Course?
2. I've applied, what now? Am I in the class?
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7. What do I need to do before class begins?
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9. Are there clinical rotations involved?
10. What do I bring/wear to class on the first night?
11. What does my tuition pay for?
12. Are there any costs not included in the tuition?
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