Is it okay to pull over into the left-hand shoulder?

Generally speaking, it is not recommended that you stop on the left-hand shoulder. Although it is understood that certain circumstances may leave a motorist no other option, such as an immediate break down of the vehicle to which it is unfeasible to safely pull over to the right or to avoid an imminent crash, motorist should be aware that responding emergency vehicles generally pass on the left and that during heavy traffic may use the left-hand shoulder to safely and quickly pass. 

As stated previously, state law requires you to pull to the right and stop. Pulling over to the left is considered a violation of that statute. However more importantly, traffic stops are a leading cause of officer injuries and fatalities. When you are stopped by the police and you stop on the left, this places you and the officer at a tremendous risk should another motorist crash into either one of your vehicles. Especially for the officer who may be standing outside your vehicle with no protection offered from the mass of a police vehicle or safety belt.

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