What is a Specific Use Permit?

A Specific Use Permit is required for uses that are listed under a given zoning district with an “S” in the column of the zoning district in Table 21.5.8 Permitted Uses.  A Specific Use Permit grants the property owner approval of a particular use with unique or varying operating characteristics, or unusual site development features, for a specific site.  Approval of a Specific Use Permit is at the discretion of the City Council and the approval is subject to terms and conditions set forth in the City’s Unified Development Code (“UDC”).  The approval may require modifications in the proposed use and may also include conditions as deemed necessary to address potential adverse effects of the proposed use.

The City’s UDC includes Specific Use Permit processing requirements that City staff implements through the Development Manual, which includes application forms and checklists.  Please click here to access the City’s Development Manual.

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