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1. Where can I get a Schertz T-shirt car sticker?
2. How do I open or close my Utility Account?
3. How can I reconnect my service after office hours?
4. Does the City of Schertz have a street sweeper?
5. How can I get a Food Handlers Permit?
6. How can I pay my ticket/citation?
7. How can Contractors register with the City?
8. Can I rent a Pavilion?
9. How can I adopt a pet?
10. How can I get a Police report?
11. Does the City of Schertz offer finger printing?
12. How can I get a Solicitor's permit?
13. How can I obtain an open records request?
14. Does Schertz offer CPR classes?
15. How can I pay for my ambulance bill?